KAUSS: agricultural beer that is good for the planet and good for the palate + Piedmontese snacks Piasco | Italy
Brewery tour

Activity provider: Birrificio Agricolo Kauss
  • Luppolo in fiore e la luppolina
Discover how one of Piedmont's best craft beers is created with a guided tour of the KAUSS brewery, an innovative and sustainable reality that produces 100% agricultural beer. What is agricultural beer? It is a beer that only uses ingredients grown in the surrounding area, without the use of pesticides or chemical additives. A beer that respects nature and the palate. Read more Read less

Basic info

  • Duration: 2 hours
  • Language: Italian, English
  • Capacity: 24 persons
  • Meeting point: SP1 1, Piasco, Italy


  • Wheelchair accessible
  • Free parking
  • Wifi available
  • Credit cards accepted
  • Taproom

How is the experience going?

You will visit the hop garden, where the plants that give beer its aroma and bitterness are grown. You will learn about hop varieties and the raw materials of farmhouse beer. You will follow a guided tour of the brewery, where we will show you how we prepare the wort, add the hops, ferment, and bottle the beer. We will tell you our story, born from a dream of three friends, and our philosophy, based on respect for nature and tradition. You will taste our beers accompanied by Piedmontese appetizers and discover their flavours and aromas. Finally, we will offer you a discount to buy the beers you prefer. Read more Read less

Included in the price

- Guide tour - 3 beers of 0.20 l - Illustrative leaflet - Dedicated shop discount - Cutting board with local products

Price does not include

Everything not listed under 'included in the price'.

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