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  • Volt Brewery Jablonec nad Nisou | Czechia

    Volt is a craft minibrewery from the Jizera Mountains, founded in 2017 on the shores of the Jablonec Sea. In Jablonec nad Nisou, we brew more than 50 types of beer, from lagers such as Jiskra 11° or Zdroj 12°, through the excellently balanced IPA Baterka 15° and APA Protinožec 13°, the excellent NEIPU Neon 15°, to stouts and fruit beers, so-called sours or perhaps also wheat beers such as Witbier, classic Weizen or Wheat IPA. We are a proud part of the new wave of Czech craft breweries. All our beers are free of any added sugar, chemicals, pasteurization and filtration. We won 1st place as Minibrewery of 2021 and 2022. Our brewer Martin Palouš also won 1st place as Brewer of 2022.
  • LOO-BLAH-NAH Craft Brewery Ljubljana | Slovenia

    We are a local craft brewery from Ljubljana that makes unique beers from carefully selected natural ingredients. With our passion, inspiration and respect for brewing traditions we create diverse and truly remarkable beers.
  • Green Gold Brewing Šempeter v Savinjski dolini | Slovenia

    The craft brewery Green Gold Brewing was created in the middle of the hops hills a few years ago, during the rise of microbreweries. But our brewery fairy tale began already 120 years ago, when the ancestors of the Rojnik family planted the first hops on the farm at Šempeter. Our story – like most of the best ones - also began behind closed doors, in the garage of today's brewery. From the very beginning, Luka Rojnik, the owner of the brewery, strove to ensure that beer is not just a drink that quenches your thirst, but a perfect excess.

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