About partnership

How much is BeerBreaks.com?
The service itself does not have a set price. BeerBreaks works on the principle of commission for each properly finished reservation. We receive this commission directly from the client, you as the provider of the service always receive the amount of money for the previous month.

How does money transfer work?
BeerBreaks will deduct the amount from the customer's card as soon as you confirm his reservation. Subsequently, we will pay you, the supplier, the amount reduced by the commission, always retrospectively for the entire month; at the moment the commission is set at 15%.

How do I know I have a reservation?
As an experience provider, you have all reservations under control in the administration of your account – in addition, you will not miss anything thanks to the notifications that you always receive by email.

How do I make sure that foreign tourists find out about my offer?
We will take care of this - our services include language localizations. You will only provide us with basic descriptions of your services, we will translate them into other languages!

How is the invoicing between BeerBreaks and the brewery?
We are not VAT payers. To illustrate, let's take the following example:

  • Your XYZ brewery has had 3 tours in May - each worth EUR 35.00.
  • The BeerBreaks website therefore collected a total of EUR 105.00 (including VAT). The following month, i.e. June 15, BeerBreaks will issue an invoice to XYZ for brokerage services in the amount of EUR 15.75 (which is the above-mentioned 15% margin).
  • We will also enclose a registration sheet with this invoice, which will contain a list of realized tours / experiences.
  • At the same time, we will send the amount of EUR 89.25 to the XYZ brewery.