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Activity provider: Beerelax
  • Beer&Total Wellness
Beerelax is an SPC, acronym for "Salus per Cervisia," and is the first beer spa in Italy, offering an experience centered entirely around beer and its beneficial properties, creating a new way to experience wellness. The Beer&Total Wellness journey: this is a one-hour experience that includes a welcome kit with towels and slippers, a detox hop sauna, Cervisia bath and a tasting of local products and craft beers from poolside taprooms. Read more Read less

Basic info

  • Duration: 1 hour
  • Language: Italian, English
  • Capacity: 10 persons
  • Meeting point: Via Sette Assedi 6, Cuneo, Italy


  • Credit cards accepted

How is the experience going?

-Welcome & Explanation -Hops sauna -Beer bath with a tasting of local craft beer -Relaxation with a tasting of local products

Included in the price

-Welcome kit: towels and slippers -Tasting of local craft beer and local excellence products -Exclusive use of the reserved room

Price does not include

Swimsuit (purchasable on site)

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